Welcome to OOO

Offshore Outsourcing Operations Inc is a Philippines-based Australian company providing business process services to clients based in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. It’s currently engaged in providing services to companies doing fire protection, evacuation training and diagrams. Our outsourcing portfolio includes finance and accountingoperations support, sales and lead generationestimation services, and graphic design for its clients. Our current clients operating times vary between standard business hours and 24/7 support.

OOO will be your partner in achieving business outcomes through flexible, centred and cost-effective delivery of outsourcing services. 

At OOO we can work with you identifying what will assist you in expanding your hold in your marketplace.  Current clients have teams made up of regular staff so that these staff get you know your business, your expectations and interact with your staff seamlessly.  Other clients have campaign staff where at times 4-5 are required and other times 25 are required, at OOO we cover this for you.  We find the right person and we continually support them and work with you to ensure it is not only a positive experience but a successful one

Business meeting - About Offshore Outsourcing Operations
Engineering team - About Offshore Outsourcing Operations

Our People

At OOO, we worked carefully to select the right, highly trained personnel to properly support your business.  We value capability development amongst our teams which enables us to be above par with ongoing client outsourcing requirements.