How Does Offshore Outsourcing Benefit You?

How Does Offshore Outsourcing Benefit You
What are the benefits of outsourcing overseas

What are the benefits of outsourcing overseas

You probably hear the word outsourcing a lot and wonder what the fuss is all about. If you have a small to medium business and are looking to expand, you’ll want to consider outsourcing some of your processes, such as bookkeeping, accounting, web design, social media management and even engineering.

Offshore outsourcing is the way to go – with everyone cutting costs and wanting to be available to provide services 24/7. It ensures that you have the resources that enable your company to grow and expand, without the need to invest in top-level infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology and expensive in-house personnel.

How Does Offshore Outsourcing Benefit You?

Offshore outsourcing is working with teams in countries other than yours. It doesn’t matter if it is just a neighbouring country or one that is on an entirely different continent. The goal is for you to receive the best services and solutions, at a fraction of the cost than getting it from your home country.

With the emergence of outsourcing hubs, the process has become simple and straightforward for newbies and old-timers alike. More and more service provider companies – mostly located in developing countries where wages and benefits are lower – are competing to offer their expertise and quality services to businesses such as yours.

What are the benefits of outsourcing overseas2

What are the benefits of outsourcing overseas?

Outsourcing overseas can not only save you money. It also means you have the entire world at your disposal. Here are the benefits that you can enjoy when you outsource part of your business processes to service providers in other countries.

1.      Reduce your costs.

With outsourcing, you won’t have to think about facilities, workspace and equipment. You also don’t need to worry about employee compensation, especially during lean season or when there are few things to do. Your capital expenses can be significantly reduced without sacrificing the quality of service and products that you offer.

You probably want to ask if hiring these people at quite a low price is exploitative. The answer is no. These outsourcing companies are happy to get your business. Even though the rate seems too low for you, you have to remember that these service providers are located in developing countries such as the Philippines and India, where cost of living is comparatively lower. What seems a low rate for you could be a good salary for most of these people.

2.      Organise the best team to increase your efficiency.

Sometimes you get flooded with work or orders that you have no choice but to multitask. That becomes a problem when you have to learn a process. Learning is good unless it eats up time – time that you would rather be using in more productive ways and make more money.

Outsourcing gives you access to a number of people who are experts in their fields but are still affordable. More often than not, they can get right on the task that you pass on to them while maintaining the quality.

3.      Eliminate time barriers.

Have you ever thought about how it will affect your business if you can offer customer service 24 hours a day? Your customers will surely be pleased.

Let’s say that you also have tasks that you can’t do during the day. There are a lot of skilled and experienced people who are awake when you are not that are ready to do these tasks for you. They can help you shorten your turnaround time, increase your business scale, and expand scopes of work.

4.      Focus on what you do best.

Your core business is what’s most important. If it’s marketing, then you should not have to struggle with bookkeeping or accounting or IT stuff. Let other skilled people or even experts in those areas handle them so that you can focus on what you do best.

5.      No need to add to your labour costs.

This is in addition to the first item because labour cost is not limited to salary expenses. It also includes the costs of employee development training as well as the trainer’s fees.

Since you can’t predict how long an employee is going to stay with you, you have to factor in training new hires in your expenses. Offshore outsourcing doesn’t give you this problem. If the company you contract fails to deliver the task, there is the option of paying only for the completed portion of the task.

6.      Outsourcing makes you more competitive.

Big companies often have in-house accounting, marketing, HR and IT teams because they can well afford it. Can you? If you outsource, you can have the advantages of having these dedicated teams offshore without the overhead costs.

You can handpick each one according to your standards without having to worry much about the cost. You have the option to hire a company on a per project basis or work with these specialists on a long term basis.

7.      Get closer to your market.

Keeping your customers close does not necessarily mean you have to be where they are. Having an offshore sourcing partner allows you to expand your reach, keep a steady market presence and be close to your customers.

8.      Minimise your risks.

The ideal offshore outsourcing partner enables to you respond rapidly to situations such as accidents, natural calamities, and technical crises. Often, they have detailed backup plans to get your operations back on track. If you want to focus on another product, service or campaign, they can help you make the transition easily and seamlessly.

Partner with OOO for your outsourcing needs.

Partner with OOO for your outsourcing needs.

At Offshore Outsourcing Operations, we pride ourselves in providing flexible, client-centred and cost-effective services. Our clients, located in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, are engaged in fire protection, evacuation training and diagrams. We also handle accounting and bookkeepingcustomer support, sales and lead generationestimation and other engineering services, and internet interface and other graphic design. We carefully select highly skilled and experienced personnel to take care of your business. So, why don’t you join our roster of satisfied clients by contacting us today?

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