Is Offshore Labour Legit?

Is Offshore Labour Legit

Offshore labour tips to know if an offshore company is fraud

How Do You Spot a Genuine Offshore Labour Company?

The term “offshore labour” carries positive and negative connotations. Company owners and business leaders may have an impression whenever they hear the encounters of fellow entrepreneurs who practice offshore labour.

Despite executives and business owners’ accounts stating that going offshore has brought them success, some company owners may not consider them as a legitimate company or business option. This sentiment can be concerning for businesses planning to get help from offshore laborers, because getting these types of services can also affect their company’s budget, overall performance and brand perception.

An offshoring service’s legitimacy can raise questions as businesses interested in this type of service may be worried about falling under the hands of fraudsters.

Are Offshore Remote Staff Reliable

Are Offshore Remote Staff Reliable?

This question is not answerable with an instant “yes” or “no”, but this is true of any company in any country around the world, including Australia. Cowboys can infiltrate any industry, and not every company represents the rest of that industry.

The same can be said about offshore services; all companies are different in every aspect. What we can do, though, is say categorically that many offshore companies have been providing remote staff services for years, even decades, which could only be possible if they ran their businesses legitimately.

How Do I Spot a Reliable, legitimate Offshore Company

How Do I Spot a Reliable, legitimate Offshore Company?

We have listed below some criteria to look for when considering the reliability and legitimacy of an offshore company:

1.   The Brand

The company’s brand is their identity that is inviting potential clients to know about their services. Building a competitive brand identity does not only prove that an offshoring company is well-known, but it also showcases their expertise in their industry.

When looking for companies offering offshore services, clients should know a little about the company’s background and services. These details are always available on the official website to introduce their company and what they can offer to anyone interested in getting offshore help.

Getting suspicious of any information found on their website is expected and normal: Don’t be scared to ask questions. Answers to these questions can also help prove that a company is legitimate and reliable.

2.   Company Services

This is a big factor in determining whether or not to hire an offshore solutions provider. Offshore company websites usually contain all the information that a potential client should need. Services offered are highlighted on their websites, so make sure to read through them.

When reviewing the company’s services, be extra alert. Some companies are not specific with what they offer, and some employers do not initially provide specific services, delivering some elements of the business ‘under the counter’ for the sake of extra profit.

3.  Employee Wage, Benefits and Feedback

Employees are critical as they enable an offshore company to function: They are the people who execute the services required by clients. In offshore labour, employees are based overseas and work remotely. The primary reason why companies are relying on offshoring services is to cut down their running and staffing costs.

Most of the time, these offshore companies showcase how they treat their employees by presenting their benefits and culture in as positive a light as possible. One way of finding out if a company treats their offshore workers right is by checking what the employees think of their company.

By reading company reviews on any job recruitment sites (e.g.: Indeed, Glassdoor), you can get a hold of how these companies work with their employees. The employees writing reviews are the ones fulfilling the offshore tasks, so it’s important that they love their company and their work so that they can provide you and your customer base with the services that you need with honesty and integrity.

4.  Contact Details

Contacting a potential offshore company to hire their services is usually done online. So, be attentive to the contact details a representative provides. When a representative tells you that you can reach them through an email that isn’t on the official company server, don’t hesitate to ask for their company emails that are usually stylised the official way.

Here’s an example of a suspicious email address:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Here is a legitimate representative email style:

[email protected]

[email protected]

If the people you are contacting cannot provide an email like the last example, it could be a red flag. They might be falsely introducing themselves as a company representative, when the truth may be that they don’t work for that company at all.

Most companies include a contact page in their sites. Some even have a chat function that will lead them to a support agent and assist them with their enquiry. Do utilise a company’s contact page as most of the common enquiries can be answered in real-time by their representative or official chatbot.

Beware of Fraudster Labourers

Getting scammed by offshoring companies happens rarely, but cases like these can still occur. In some unfortunate cases, the employees themselves are the ones tarnishing a company’s name by scamming people. There are labourers who disguise themselves as an employee working for a legitimate company to attract clients.

Finding these frauds can be easily detected as most of the time, they always agree to any conditions presented by a client. It is already a known fact that fraudsters disguising as employees are after the client’s money. Watch out for these tricksters who will ask for payments without providing contracts.

Get Reliable offshore labourers with Offshore Outsource Operations Inc.

Get Reliable offshore labourers with Offshore Outsource Operations Inc.

The answer to offshore labour’s legitimacy’s answers is both yes and no. There are indeed companies who offer this type of labour to top clients with no problems at all! These top clients come from various industries and can identify which companies are providing legitimate offshoring services. 

As much as we want to prove that all companies with offshore services are legal, there will always be some people who take advantage of every opportunity to give this industry a bad light.  Potential clients, companies, and even labourers interested in this field and services must always stay vigilant to avoid being victims of fake employers and labourers.

Offshore Outsource Operations Inc.

If you are looking for a legitimate, reliable and productive offshoring company, you can rest assured with Offshore Outsource Operations Inc. We value our clients by providing them exemplary services with our highly trained employees.

Our company has worked with clients from Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

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