The Benefits and Misconceptions about Offshore Labour

The Benefits and Misconceptions about Offshore Labour

Common misconceptions debunked and benefits explained.

Offshore labour is the process of fulfilling job tasks in another country. Companies tend to hire employees overseas to help them with their company’s typical day to day services. 

Australian companies rely on different Asian countries when looking for offshore labourers. Here at Offshore Outsource Operations Inc., we’ve chosen the Philippines because it is also one of the countries excelling in providing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. 

For some it may seem like outsourcing steals opportunities from potential local workers, but people misunderstand the concept of offshore work without noticing that it can benefit the business. 

Common Misconceptions of Offshore Labour

Getting help from offshore employees can create negative comments from locals. For some, there are risks for companies tending to hire remote workers, but this article will try and show how these are misconceptions. Here are some common misconceptions about BPO services:

Misconception 1: They “steal” opportunities from the locals.

“Stolen opportunities” has been one of the primary reasons some people may not be comfortable with the idea of offshore employees. They might think that employees from other countries are stealing tasks and opportunities from them. However, hiring offshore employees is a business strategy for the company to leave the minor tasks to overseas employees allowing the onshore employees to prioritise more important tasks and give them some room for career growth. 

Misconception 2: Offshore employees have poor working conditions.

People assume that companies hiring overseas employees treat them poorly by giving them tight office spaces or inflexible work schedules. They don’t know that employers provide the materials and environment fitted for their employees even if they are overseas. Some companies are observant enough to know their offshore employees’ culture and conditions offer benefits and compensation as a bonus for their hard work.

Offshore Outsource Operations Inc., however, focuses on the welfare of our employees. We provide a competitive salary, health insurance and allow our offshore employees to take the weekend off to spend time with their family when those important moments arise. 

Misconception 3: Only minor positions are given to offshore employees.

Many people assume that offshore tasks are only limited to making outbound calls or providing customer support, but this is not the whole story. In addition to customer support positions, some companies hire offshore engineersadvertising, and accounting employees – and why not, if the employees’ skills and talents are remarkable? 

Misconception 4: Offshore labour is cheap labour.

One reason why some companies are offshoring is to cut-down their unnecessary costs. In some developing Asian countries like the Philippines, wages are much lower than first world countries like Australia. This, however, doesn’t mean a company is underpaying its remote workers just because it pays them lower than an Aussie’s daily wage. The money earned in BPO services is still higher than the usual amount they would receive for working on the same tasks for local companies.

In essence, a company that employs BPO services is giving the international employees a better opportunity to earn commensurate to their being highly competitive and educated. It’s a win-win for the remote worker and for the company.  

Benefits of Branching Remotely

Benefits of Branching Remotely

The concept of offshore labour is still a sensitive topic in some countries. However, countries like Australia see the benefits and many businesses have hired overseas employees as a result. Below are some of the benefits of offshore labour to further help you decide if outsourcing is for you:

1.      Business growth and development

Going offshore is a big step for a company’s business growth as it will help the company open its doors to new ideas. New employees will be highly skilled and talented that will eventually help the company for its continuous growth.

Aside from new names and a pool of talents, companies opening offshore offices can become more aligned to their annual goals. They do not need to get distracted by KPI’s such as customer support or marketing, when they are offshored, allowing onshore employees to focus on devising new strategies and opportunities to expand the business.

2.      A wide network of international talents

Employing offshore labourers is also an opportunity for business owners to utilise international talents. Whether young or old, these talents are full of potential and experiences that can widen the company’s global network. Most offshore countries’ employees have practical English communication skills and competitive university diplomas that make them substantial assets to the company.

3.      On-demand and round-the-clock availability

Opening an offshore location is an advantage for companies who are developing a 24/7 availability strategy. With overseas offices, different time zones are one thing that employers take time to get used to. Sometimes, these time differences can range from three to twelve hours. These benefits companies as the offshore employees can cater to clients who may turn to them for assistance. This could lead to a better and satisfying customer experience.

4.      Costs are spent wisely

Going offshore lowers unnecessary costs, creating a financial opportunity to utilise its saved money for other needs such as new business ventures, investments, or hiring a new position). It’s a win-win situation for the company and for the offshore employees: the company will lower its expenses by hiring remotely whilst still providing jobs for people from developing countries.

Key Takeaways

The benefits of offshore hiring can be maximised, depending on how the company strategizes its remote hiring plans. Some companies may find offshoring a wise move for their company, while some do not go well with this employment practice. 

If you are a business owner looking to expand your business in a cost effective manner, why not consider offshoring? Offshore Outsource Operations has been assisting Aussie companies for the past 30 years at least. Offshore Outsource Operations Inc. is completely hands-on and our services are scalable. We tailor your offshore business needs to manage your business locally to prosper globally. Check out our services today or contact us anytime for enquiry.

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