Why Hire Filipinos for Outsourced HR Solutions?

Why Hire Filipinos for Outsourced HR Solutions

Choosing Filipino remote HR workers

For businesses looking for outsourced HR solutions, hiring Filipinos is one of the best moves you can make for your business. If you’re looking for cost-effective productivity that doesn’t sacrifice skill, they are the people to employ.

Filipinos are global people for a reason. Their wide array of skills, command of the English language, and natural connection with a global audience make them a great choice.

Why You Want a Filipino On Your Team

Why You Want a Filipino On Your Team

Filipinos are famous for their many skills in many areas of many business types, from blue-collar positions or outsourced HR solutions from a company like Offshore Outsource Operations, to manual labour or highly technical professions – with more than 100 million in population, you’ll find a Philippine worker somewhere in the world.

Filipino workers are ready for different types of challenge. Every business can benefit from their natural grit, hustle, and the intellect they apply to what they do, but there are many other reasons why Filipinos should be a part of your human resources team, and we will present them to you here.

1.      High Quality English Language Skills

There are a few countries who have English as their first language. There are far more who have it as their second language. Countries like India and China can speak the language but not with the nuance Filipinos have: From a young age, Filipinos learn two languages – their native language where they live and English.

English as a second language is ingrained deep into Filipino education; most have at least a passable command of the language, but with outsourced human resources solutions, your business can get more out of this language advantage.

HR solutions from the Philippines come with a well-vetted crop of employees. When you outsource, you get the creme de la creme. Filipino human resource teams don’t stop at speaking and communicating in English. They can speak it, understand the nuance of the language, and communicate with proper information.

With this, they can receive instructions correctly and relay them properly. Mastery of communication is what you need if you want an effective HR team.

2.      Low Cost, High Return     

One of the crucial reasons why businesses outsource abroad is the lower cost. The chief expense for most businesses is paying personnel. For small businesses, a full-time local HR team in Australia is much less financially achievable than an offshore one.

Paying for a full-time HR team in Australia is expensive – the skills and expertise needed for handling people can cost a ton of money. The median annual salary for an HR manager in Australia goes up to $90,000 a year. Add in a few HR assistants in that mix, and you’re sinking a good chunk of your resources into wages.

With outsourced HR solutions from a reliable team such as Offshore Outsource Operations, you can expect to pay a fraction of the sum you’ll pay for an in-house team. Filipino human resource teams can cost as little as a third of an equivalent Australian team.

On the sheer cost vs value, outsourced human resources solutions have deep benefits. Filipino HR teams will cost you less but can do the same job at arguably the same level.

3.      Strong Interpersonal Skills

You would think that outsourcing your human resources can put you at a disadvantage. In many cases, a remote team can have an issue with recruitment strategies and local teams will likely understand what your business needs and find the right type of people.

Filipino human resources solutions will not have that problem. Philippine workers have a wide array of technical skills, on par with some of the biggest countries. They have a natural knack for connecting with people from different walks of life. 

Whether you’re from India, Europe, or Australia, an outsourced HR solutions team from the Philippines knows how to handle their skills. They know how to balance egos, recruit the most qualified employees and have the right person for the job.

Filipino HR teams are naturally compassionate, warm, and welcoming. This innate talent helps small companies to create a familial atmosphere. They are great in maintaining a productive team.

4.      Excellent Work Efficiency

When you outsource HR solutions, you will increase your company’s efficiency by harnessing years of experience for less money. With a Filipino at the helm of your HR team, you can take efficiencies to new heights.

Whether you’re a new business person or a veteran in different ventures, an experienced HR team is vital. They will know what to do and how to help you improve your business. Rather than spend valuable resources into a veteran HR team, why not outsource? Outsourcing gets you a veteran human resources team for less.

This lower cost HR team will still have the same experience as an onshore team and they too will seek ways to improve productivity – whether that’s adding more recruits or providing more training.

Furthermore, Filipinos are outstanding at improvisation. They’re excellent problem-solvers and know how to adjust to bottlenecks in your business. Once they start working the kinks out of your process, expect your business to hum along like never before.

5.      Specialised HR Teams

The overhead costs of a veteran HR team can be worth it. It can help you satisfy customer needs, compete in your market, or expand your business. But even then, there’s a way to do it better.

Outsourced HR solutions are a great option if the cost of expansion is too great. It’s also better if you think it will take too long to have a homegrown pool of HR experts. If you expect inefficiencies with in-house talent, outsourcing is right for you.

With a Philippine-based HR team, you can find specialised skills that match your need. For example, a small clinic can outsource to a Filipino human resources team specialised in medical insurance and services. 

You can customise your HR team according to your needs. Outsourcing your HR needs to a Filipino team can give your company what it needs to grow.

Filipino Outsourced HR Solutions for All Your Business Needs

Filipino Outsourced HR Solutions for All Your Business Needs

Filipino human resources will save you money, but they’ll also bring more to the table. Are you ready to skyrocket your company’s growth? If so, then Offshore Outsource Operations is right for you and they can provide expert HR solutions that will fit your needs perfectly. If you’re ready to take the next step, talk to us today. Grow more, spend less, with Offshore Outsource Operations.

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